School is not enough!

Today I feel like I want to rant so much about…


The two triggers were:

  1. A simple question 
    • When I was 6 year old, my sister was half of my age. If I were 60 now, how old my sister would be?
  2. A comic by  Zen Pencils

zen pencils sir ken

Why the hell I can’t stop myself to think about these two? What’s wrong with the simple question and the omnipresence of math?

Well, here’s the thing. On the first question, what is your answer? If my sister were half of my age when I was six? Already have the answer?

If your result is 57, great! You get it right!

But did you know on the social media posting I read almost all of the people answered it 30. WHAT?

I mean, it’s a simple calculation and not everyone can get it right. Do you know what’s err me more? THEY WERE SO CERTAIN ABOUT THEIR ANSWER AND SAYING OTHER WHO DIDN’T ANSWER IT AS ’30’ WERE STUPID (Oh, God! Help me).

Excuse me???

Okay, next.

In the second post, there was nothing wrong with it. It’s just essentially right. Education is not only about math and science, but also art. Everyone should run into something they essentially love with, not only to fill the job market.

Yet, the main reason why I gather you all here is to think about this question:

“There’s something wrong with our education right?”

You might have your own answers, but I personally believe there’s many things that could be improve in our educational system. One of it is about learning what’s essentially important.

I lived in Indonesia, grow, and spend all of education here. All of them were public schools. I don’t want to talk about the huge gap between private and public school, I just want to talk about goals.

Do you remember when you’re a kid, you wanted to ranked the first, or had 100 on maths, or had blue colored marks on your report? Great! Because I do remember. Since I was a kid, I learnt that I have one purpose, which was aced the science and maths (if possible all to get the first rank). There wasn’t much different with my secondary school or even in the university!

They all are just the same. You get marks, focus on your marks, learn anything the teacher taught you and you’ll ace it.

Then what?

I’ve been working for several times and I almost can’t have myself answer it. I believe I’ve learnt many things through out all the education paths, but eventhough it’s much, I still don’t feel it’s enough to face my real world problem.

I know that enough sample for research is important. I know that depression could lead to suicide. I know that plastics were bad and I should reduce, reuse, and recycle. But you know what? I do not know what’s important to me personally as a human being.

Everything seems very important in schools. There’s math, biology, chemistry, economics, and EVERY TEACHER TOLD ME THAT THE LECTURE WAS SO DAMN IMPORTANT.

When everything seems important, ‘important’ lose its meaning.

Important means I need to take a note about it. Consider it. Make priority and do it accordingly. Yet, I can’t make sure I’m feeling fine and at the same time make sure all my close friends are alright while doing my plastics recycle? IT’S JUST TOO MUCH.

Sometime I feel I know many things I can not use. I feel like I don’t have enough skill to know what’s important for me and focus on achieving it. Only when I am trying to unlearn, I begin to see that I don’t need to know about everything. I only have to know what I need to know.

I begin to know that relationship is really important to me, thus I have to prioritise it. I begin to know that exercising makes me feels good, then I make time for it as best as I could. Working could make me overwhelmed and sick, I try not to overwork myself. The more I try to unlearn and be a little selfish to myself, I begin to see who I really am and what I do really need.

I could only live once. Education already implanted me with many ideas which might be politically driven at that time and might no longer relevant to myself.

Maybe, the problem of our education is its irrelevance because everyone is different and everyone has their own needs. But how could we make a personalized curricula where everyone could achieve their own highest potential? That’s another one million dollar worth questions which right now I can not answer.

You could answer it? Great! Please fill it in the comment 😉


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